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Traveling To New York City

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Book a New York vacation and fly to the sights and sounds of the Big Apple! From Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens into the Bronx and Staten Island, New York City offers a world-class vacation experience for any traveler looking for a cheap NYC vacation. There’s nothing more exciting than booking a flight to NYC and arriving at this ever-inspiring cultural and financial capital. You’re sure to enjoy the city’s world-class history, culture, nightlife, cuisine, art and exciting New York City attractions during your stay.
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When to Visit New York City

As a major international and domestic travel hotspot, the city of New York sees a steadily high rate of tourism year-round. The best season for booking flights to the Manhattan area is March through December. Around March and April, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and it is a beautiful time for strolling through any of the city’s many parks and botanical gardens on your way from one New York City attraction to the next. December through February is NYC’s slightly off-peak travel time: it’s the coldest, snowiest season of the year for New York. Be sure to make space for sweaters, boots and a coat when you pack your bags for a winter flight to New York City. Whichever time of year you choose, you’re certain to find a cheap flight to Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan region. Schedule your flight in advance and book a trip to New York City with Viewpoint Travels, your online travel agency!

Things to do in New York City

No matter the time of year, a budget-friendly NYC must-see is Central Park. This 840+ acre oasis in the center of Manhattan island is the most visited urban park in the U.S., and one of the most popular films set locations on the planet. From the park, you can visit any one of many museums in the area, including MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), Guggenheim Museum, American Museum of Natural History, and the Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art). If you’re looking for adventure outside of Manhattan, connect to the L train and head to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where you can tour Brooklyn Brewery and enjoy a tasting, then take a scenic walk across the Williamsburg Bridge into the Lower East Side of Manhattan. If you’re traveling to NYC in warm months, be sure to catch a boat tour or ferry ride along the East River, or catch a vessel and visit the iconic Statue of Liberty.

Getting Around New York City

Your New York City adventure starts the minute you land at the airport. Collect your bags and follow signs or ask airport staff for guidance to your choice of a shuttle, yellow taxi or New York’s subway transit to your hotel – be sure to grab a transit map, too! JFK International Airport has a shuttle to the nearest train station, from there you can make the necessary train connections to get to your destination.
Whether you’re travelling to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or beyond, you’ll have a very easy time finding a cab, bus or train to get you to your New York City hotel, and to get from your hotel to all your favourite New York City attractions. It’s highly advised to purchase a reusable MetroCard — be sure to put enough funds to get you a few days’ worths of train rides before needing a refill. You can get a MetroCard at any train station as well as some pharmacies and convenience stores.
There’s no place quite like NYC. Cheap hotspots and attractions draw millions of visitors year-round to the bustling, energetic city of New York. Travel to Manhattan and come home feeling enchanted and inspired. Browse discount New York City packages today on Viewpoint Travels! If you need a New York City visa, let our online travel agents guide you through the process of obtaining one.
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