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    Travelling to Johannesburg, South Africa

    City Tours

    Looking for an exciting cultural and historical adventure this season? Book a Johannesburg vacation. The largest and wealthiest region in South Africa (SA) and the world’s largest city that is…

    from 160,000.00

      Vacation trip to Orlando

      City Tours, Rural

      Cheap flight to Orlando Book an Orlando vacation and discover a bustling metropolis that thrives with a little touch of magic and imagination. Nicknamed “The City Beautiful”, Orlando houses over…

      from 0.00

        Travelling to Nairobi, Kenya

        City Tours

        Plan your trip to Kenya’s largest city, Nairobi, and capital and experience the city’s open spaces and metropolitan vibe. With many attractions like the Nairobi National Park, the Sheldrick Elephant…

        from 250,000.00

          Traveling To New York City

          City Tours

          Book a New York vacation and fly to the sights and sounds of the Big Apple! From Manhattan to Brooklyn to Queens into the Bronx and Staten Island, New York…

          from 350,000.00

            Travelling To Accra

            City Tours

            If you’re looking for a tropical city rich with lush landscapes, beaches and historical sites, book a flight and hotel in Accra, the capital city of the Republic of Ghana.…

            from 160,000.00

              Travelling to Kigali, Rwanda

              Beach, City Tours, Mountain

              Make plans for an amazing vacation in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital city. While this city has a troubled past, its future looks bright. When you book your Kigali vacation package, you’ll…

              from 210,000.00

                Mauritius – South Africa

                City Tours, Desert

                Definitely a memorable travels with Viewpoints Travels, is pleased to launch a new vacation route to Mauritius-SOUTH AFRICA. This trip is designed to deliver premium travel experience through city tours…

                from 720,000.00
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                Explore United Kingdom

                City Tours, Urban

                If you do not know, be informed that Viewpoint Travels has finally launched a tour of the United Kingdom taking off in 2020. We thought it best to give you…

                from 980,000.00855,000.00

                  Holy Visit to Jerusalem

                  City Tours

                  The journey to Jerusalem is more than sightseeing and mere tourism, it is a spiritual journey and exercise that will strengthen faith and deepens ones relationship with God, seeing and…

                  from 800,000.00